How to Protect Your Home Against Accelerated Pipe Corrosion

Early Detection
Have a house’s water tested before you buy. Water analysis only costs $50-75 and can save you thousands in by detecting problems related to aggressive water or to the plumbing itself. You can then have any repairs or refitting included in the real estate transaction.

Your water can change, either because of the water treatment process or changes to water content at the source. Continue to have water analyses done at least once every three years.

So You’ve Got Pipe Corrosion

If you need to run your coldwater in the morning a few minutes before you drink because it has a bitter taste, it’s probably pipe corrosion. If you see blue-green stains in your basins or this same stain along the joints of your copper piping, it’s probably pipe corrosion.

What you should do:

• Have a water analysis done to determine the exact degree and nature of the problem. You want to know if it’s properties in the water that’s causing the corrosion or if it’s a problem with your piping.

• Consult with a plumber to consider your options.

• If the corrosion is only in its early stages, you may not have to have your pipes repaired, refitted or restored. It may be a simple matter of having a home filtration system installed to remove the content in your water that is causing it to be aggressive.

• In more severe cases of corrosion, you’ll probably have to consider repiping. This often costs thousands of dollars and can be an invasive procedure.

• There are also new pipe restoration methods now on the market that can fix your piping without tearing into your walls. They’re also considerably cheaper than repiping. Research all the different options available in your area.

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